WideBody TA150DC: Documentation of models in the obsolescent Nidec TA150DC series of 40 x 20mm tube axial fans is available here.

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C34635 34635 C34635-16 C34635-33 C34635-55 C34635-57 C34635-58 C34635-68 C34635-82

C34638 34638 C34638-16 C34638-33 C34638-55 C34638-57 C34638-58 C34638-68 C34638-82

C34636 34636 C34636-16 C34636-33 C34636-55 C34636-57 C34636-58 C34636-68 C34636-82

C34639 34639 C34639-16 C34639-33 C34639-55 C34639-57 C34639-58 C34639-68 C34639-82

C34658 34658 C34658-16 C34658-33 C34658-55 C34658-57 C34658-58 C34658-68 C34658-82

C34637 34637 C34637-16 C34637-33 C34637-55 C34637-57 C34637-58 C34637-68 C34637-82

C34640 34640 C34640-16 C34640-33 C34640-55 C34640-57 C34640-58 C34640-68 C34640-82

C34792 34792 C34792-16 C34792-33 C34792-55 C34792-57 C34792-58 C34792-68 C34792-82

D04G-12TL D04G-24TL D04G-12TM D04G-24TM D04G-05TH D04G-12TH D04G-24TH DO4G-12TG D04G-12TU

UltraFlo - New High-Performance Cooling Fans and Blowers from Nidec.